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Ways To Organise Your Art Supplies

Whether you’re looking to organise your art studio or looking to get ready for a spring clean, we have compiled a list of simple and easy storage ideas to make an aesthetic arrangement. From an inexpensive tiered rolling cart, you can easily move to wherever you need, to acrylic storage containers with fun sticker labels!

These clever suggestions will help you gain inspiration for how to organise your art supplies, so be sure to continue reading!

Acrylic storage containers

Organise arts and crafts supplies in acrylic storage containers! These can be found in clear or fun colours. Using acrylic storage containers can make everything easily visible and you can also purchase cute sticker labels to add a practical touch. Another alternative is to design and print your own stickers to add even more creativity to the organisation.

Floating shelves

Floating shelves are an affordable and great example of how to organise art supplies neatly and easily and keep your favourite pieces on display. Use mason jars with or without lids for small supplies and larger, acrylic paper organisers or a binder to store paper, notebooks, and other lighter items. These can be purchased from homeware stores like IKEA, B&Q, and Dunelm.


For art supplies that you would like to hang up, why not create a pegboard wall that can serve both a decorative and a practical purpose? This is an organisation method that Pinterest users LOVE. You can hang scissors, tape, or ribbon and place mini shelves to hold small and lightweight organisers for brushes, pencils, and markers.

Tiered Rolling Cart

Use a tiered rolling cart to organise your art supplies. It’s an easy way to store your supplies and keep them in an easily portable storage unit since you can roll them into one room to paint and back into your storage space to put them away. These can be purchased at a range of different prices.

If you prefer to create your own works of art from the comfort of your own home, we have some stunning at-home kits to complete wherever you are!

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