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The Art History of Chinese New Year

In the art industry, we love taking part in artful traditions and celebrating culture through artwork, painting, and creativity. Some of the most beautiful art in the world has been created through inspiration from a local cultural or religious practice or belief.

Today, we are going to be talking about the history of Chinese New Year and the significance of Chinese New Year artwork. This is an important event celebrated each year in the Chinese community, and gorgeous pieces of artwork are traditionally incorporated into the festival celebrations.

Art in China has one of the longest histories as China is one of the oldest countries in the world. Chinese art has developed its storytelling through:

· Pottery carvings

· Silk drawings

· Woodblock printings

· Calligraphy-landscape paintings.

The Return of Spring

One well-known phrase during the Chinese New Year celebration is ‘the return of spring’.

Spring is a season full of new beginnings and reemergent life when the winter fades and nature is once again revitalised to its full beauty. Chinese New Year is celebrated in conjuncture with the beginning of the spring season, with everyone’s favourite season synchronous with the most eminent Chinese celebration.

Traditional Chinese New Year Art - Nianhua

Nianhua is a unique type of art that was created during the Tang dynasty, an era of Chinese history marked by the long rule of the Li family, which reigned from the 7th to the 10th century. This period is often known as the greatest era for Chinese poetry and art. The art included in the paintings had new themes being created as the movement progressed throughout time. Artistic and in-depth imagery are very common in their ideologies of gods and good spirits protecting individuals and banishing evil spirits away, just like in mythical story of the Nian.

The unique branch of Chinese Art became less fashionable in the 20th century, with continuous growth, development, and the influence of modern art. The sentimental value of celebration and art go hand in hand, they perfectly intertwine with each other into a single and beautiful creation that can still be shared hundreds of years later. Chinese art forms the true meaning and story of the Chinese New Year celebration. Art is forever developing, with modern day views and stories while maintaining the traditional values.

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