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What are the benefits of team-building in workplaces?

How Painting Can Help Improve Workplace Communication

An office needs to have staff that are able to collaborate effectively and work together in order to solve problems. As workers prepare to return to the office once again, many people may find it difficult to adapt to these surroundings as the comfort of their living room became the norm during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Workplace tension and a lack of communication are not uncommon struggles, however they can have quite an impact on productivity and morale. Luckily, there are a handful of ways to get your employees working together again! Read on as we go over a few reasons why painting may be the answer you never expected…

Engaging in casual conversations

A lot of employees find it difficult to discuss their interests candidly as it is widely believed that the office is the place where business and workplace matters should be dealt with. As such, it can often be difficult to move away from this idea. Painting is a great way to take workers out of the office and encourage them to start conversations about things that aren’t related to their job. After all, casual conversations can help defuse workplace tension and may even allow people to recognise what the best way to communicate with their colleagues is.

Visual Thinking

We often think of verbal communication as being the only way to discuss workplace matters, however, visual thinking is another great technique that can bring employees closer together. Sometimes it can be difficult to put your ideas into words and a painting activity that allows workers to visually explore their ideas, worries, or concerns creatively can be an effective strategy. Using the power of metaphor and interpretation, employees can then discuss their art as the visual representation will kick-start a healthy form of communication between everybody.

Builds stronger workplace relationships

Communication is an essential component in any workplace and a lack of it can lead to poor relationships that have a negative effect on everybody else as well as productivity. Since everybody isn’t going to be an amazing painter from the get-go, this type of bonding experience can encourage employees to work together and help one another when they are struggling. Meanwhile, those who find communication easy will continue to strengthen their relationships. This will help form strong bonds between employees because it takes the focus away from workplace matters and responsibilities.

It’s important that employees feel appreciated and respected in the workplace as office tension due to poor communication can cause a lot of avoidable problems. Painting is a relaxing form of art therapy that encourages people to forget about the pressures of work for a short amount of time, and painting for corporate events is an exciting new way to encourage team bonding and allow your staff to work on their communication problems. Get in contact with a member of the Paint Away Events team to find out how you can book your own today!

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