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Digital Paintings vs Physical Paintings

Over the years, art has had some drastic changes and we’ve seen many different styles come and go. In recent times, we have seen a divide in types of art, the two mainly being digital vs physical. In this article, we are going to be discussing the difference between the two and why people choose to create digital or physical art.

Digital art has become a phenomenon. It is used by artists across the world in several different ways. This can be through graphic design or digital paintings. Some artists don’t like the idea of digital art; they think it isn’t as impactful as a physical piece of art. While digital art can only be created on a device, traditional and physical art can be created through a number of ways like sculptures, collaging, and the main one being paintings.

Physical paintings are a more valuable way of art due to the originality of every piece. Physical art is also a great way to unwind and take a break from computer screens, digital art still requires a device.

Traditional art will always be relevant in the art industry due to its history whereas digital art may not be around forever. Modern artwork is forever changing so it is worth building up your skills with traditional art and incorporating them into learning some digital art skills.

Some people prefer digital paintings to physical paintings for some of the following reasons:

1. You can use the undo button to easily erase any mistakes

2. It’s easily shareable with friends, family, and colleagues

3. There are lots of different types of digital art like graphic design, digital painting, animation, etc.

4. Saves so much more time compared to physical art

5. Saves money on art supplies

6. You don’t always need software’s or a computer it can be easily done on an iPad app

At Paint Away events, we offer some relaxing and fun sip and paint events to do with your family, friends, colleagues, and more. Your ticket will include all of the equipment needed to create your masterpiece. You can also take your painting home at the end of the session so you can be proud of what you created.

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