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Christmas Art Throughout History

Throughout history, art and paintings have helped us understand and learn the story of Christmas in a religious sight and also the importance of being with family.

In this article, we are going to be giving you a small selection of different historic pieces of art that help us tell the story of Christmas.

1. Nativity at Night (1490)

The Nativity at Night was created by Geertgen tot Sint Jans. It’s a painting that was created sometime during 1490. The painting tells the story of the birth of Jesus and has become a well-known piece of art around the world all these years later. Based on Christian narratives from the Bible, this painting can help us decipher that this was the beginning of Christ and this celebration is what developed into Christmas.

2. The Shortening Winter’s Day is Near a Close (1903)

A stunning oil painting by Scottish painter Joseph Farquharson. This piece of art is the epitome of a crisp winter sunset, the iconic landscape features a shepherd and his sheep with the day drawing to a close with the golden sunlight peeping through the trees.

3. Angel Playing a Flageolet (1878)

This angelic piece of history was created by Edward Burne-Jones. A well-known Christmas painting in Christianity, the Angel Playing a Flageolet was created using watercolour paints, Gouache, gold paint, and a canvas. This painting is available to view at the Museum of Liverpool!

4. Snow at Argenteuil (1874)

This wintery scene was created by the talented Claude Monet. Using a cool colour palette, the snow on the ground is complemented by the different shades of greys, whites, and blues in the sky. Although this shows the gloomy and cloudy winter days, the snow hanging from the trees creates a festive feeling when looking at this painting.

5. The Adoration of the Shepherds (1644)

The final painting we are going to be talking about is the beautiful The Adoration of the Shepherds by Giorgione. It’s a detailed piece of art that summarises the story of the famous Nativity scene. This famous piece of art is featured in the Louvre Museum in the heart of Paris, France!

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