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Booking Your Christmas Staff Corporate Events With Paint Away Events

Are you looking for a unique Christmas party idea that your staff will remember? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Firstly, why are corporate events important?

At Paint Away, we believe that offering staff events to your team will help to build teamwork skills and bring your team together for a time of relaxation.

By hosting staff corporate events, you are opening an opportunity for interaction with your staff, and getting to know them better by understanding their strengths and weaknesses, and more about them as people rather than employees.

Corporate events are also great for building a strong work culture that will stand out to competitors and clients.

What do you offer at your Christmas events?

We organise and host sip and paint events for all skill levels, ages, and genders. It’s a truly unique party idea as it is available to everyone. Our tutors are friendly and always up for guidance when creating your work of art. You can decide on a bespoke painting for your event and all equipment will be provided, including props to take some fabulous photos of your art pieces.

We can arrange your sip and paint party wherever you require. From your office building to your own hired venue, we can transform any space into a bespoke and fun-packed event. You can also bring yourself and your team to our workshops! We have a number of venues available to choose from and our standard venues include their own restaurants or bars, allowing you to tuck into some tasty festive food and drinks while painting your masterpieces.

Each sip and paint event lasts approximately 2 hours long. This time doesn’t include setting up or cleaning up so you can focus on enjoying your event!

Why is it important to get together at Christmas?

It’s important to get together at Christmas because it combats the feeling of loneliness. People who live alone or far away from family can feeling lonely especially around the holidays. Staff events are a great solution because it makes people feel like they have people to confide in and also form a bond with team members inside and outside of work.

For more information about our Christmas corporate events, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, today!

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