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Upcoming Sip and Paint Events in Manchester

Manchester is one of our most popular destinations for a Sip and Paint event and it is so clear to see why. Aside from the buzzing atmosphere, there are so many gorgeous places to enjoy company alongside amazing food and drinks.

Painting is a great way to improve your mental health as it calms the nervous system, which allows you to express yourself, relax, and strengthen your memory. It gives you the opportunity to communicate with new people that are also attending the event and it allows you to catch up with the loved ones you may be attending with.

One of our main venues at Paint Away Events is the Benito Lounge which is located in Chorlton. We have so many fun events coming up in the Greater Manchester area, let’s take a look at what is to come for Paint Away Events in May...

1. Bee at Victors in Alderley Edge – 3rd May

2. Golden Tears at Benito Lounge in Chorlton – 5th May

3. Flower at 20 Stories in Manchester City Centre – 14th May

4. The Girl with Big Hair at Yotel in Deansgate – 21st May

5. Frida Kahlo at Casa Mexica in Manchester City Centre – 27th May

Included in your Paint Away- Sip and Paint ticket will be:

· Ticket to Sip and Paint

· A pre-drawn 16x12 canvas to take home

· Brushes

· Paint

· Palettes

· Aprons

· A complimentary drink

· Food available to purchase

We recommend arriving 10 minutes before the class begins so you can settle and get ready to sip and paint. One of our favourite things about our events is that no skill levels are required to join in on a Sip and Paint event, we have trained teachers who will guide you through your session to allow you to sit back, relax, and simply enjoy.

For more information about travelling to your special sip and paint event, you can find all information on our website where you can check out where your specific event will take place.

We also host more sip and paint events in Bury, Liverpool, Cheshire, and Buxton, if you live outside the city of Manchester and would still like to join in. We are so looking forward to seeing you all there!

To find out more about our fabulous office paint parties, then please visit our website today!

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