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Modern vs Traditional Paintings

From Warhol to Picasso, paintings throughout time can have a significant effect on an audience. Memorable and iconic art like the Mona Lisa and Starry Night have been well known paintings for generations!

The contrast between eras is huge, this is down to the evolution of society, materials available, and so on. In the mid-19th century, Impressionists began a trend of pushing the boundaries of what it takes to become an artist that created pieces that were socially acceptable. This movement changed painting and art as a whole forever, and you can see this shift when looking at the Impressionist’s work.

Now, there is no perfect way to define traditional pieces of art, but the term modern art was created to define paintings and pieces of art from the 1860s through to the mid-20th century. However, this can become a common misconception between deciphering when pieces of art were created.

What is the difference between traditional and modern art?

Traditional Art

Traditional art can be spotted through numerous different ways. The main thing to consider is that traditional paintings were usually based on an emphasis on realism. For example, religious portrayals, royal portraits, and grand landscapes.

Long before the camera was invented, paintings and art were the best visual medium to depict people, places, or events; this is one reason why traditional paintings are based on realism, because they had to display accurate portrayals to people. Alongside this, the traditional art world was mired with rules and norms that were considered uncivilised to breach. These rules often stifled creativity and prevented innovation, but did help shape and produce countless gorgeous pieces of art throughout much of history.

Modern Art

Modern art can be spotted easily due to the sharp contrast in style. They are everything traditional paintings aren’t. Modern art is known for abstract shapes, bright colours, and generating ideas that are outside the box. Some examples to spot modern art are:

· Pop Art

· Surrealism

· Expressionism

· Impressionism

· Cubism

The thing people love most about modern art is that there are no limitations, and you can be as unique as you want! Traditional art was much more restrictive, with many prominent innovative artists throughout history being completely unrecognised during their own lifetimes due to the dogmatic philosophies surrounding art.

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