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Paint Away Events Are Launching In Two Brand New Locations!

We have some very exciting news here at Paint Away Events… we are proud to unveil two brand new event locations which are Buxton and Bury!

After the success of our existing locations, we wanted to continue expanding our p-ART-ies across the north.

Our new list of current locations are:

· Manchester

· Liverpool

· Cheshire

· Bury

· Buxton

· And growing all the time!

If you’d like to know more about our events, then keep on reading!

We offer a range of painting parties which are perfect for staff events, birthday parties, Valentine’s Day, hen-do’s, and so much more. You can join our sip and paint events in the locations mentioned above, or we can come to you to put on a bespoke and unique event.

These events are perfect for all ages, genders, and people with any artistic skill levels, we are open to anyone and everyone!

Our past events have consisted of recreating paintings by Van Gogh, Frida Kahlo, and much more while sipping on some bubbly with delicious snacks… what’s not to love?!

Painting and art in general is great for improving not only the health of your brain and mobility skills, but also your mental health. Painting allows you to express yourself and put your thoughts onto a blank canvas. Many artist’s work has shown their thoughts, reflection on their lives, and was a form of self-expression.

Bury is home to the stunning art museum and sculpture centre. It was established on the 9th of October 1901 and includes over 60,000 pieces of art!

Buxton is home to another magnificent art gallery. Ran by Derbyshire City Council, this museum and art gallery is home to all things archaeology, geology, the history of the peak district, and of course our favourite part, the art!

If you know someone who is in these areas and you’re looking for a unique and special gift to give them, then our events may be the perfect option!

For more information about our locations, our contact information, or our office paint parties, then visit our website today or give us a call on 07943049949.

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