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How To Complete A Painting

If you’re a new painter looking to start developing your skills as an artist, you may find yourself staring at a blank canvas a lot, hoping for inspiration. Don’t fret! Every artist has been stood exactly where you are. The process of completing a painting is different every time, some may flow from you with ease while others you may need to drag out kicking and screaming along the way. But with practice comes experience and once you’ve started to build a portfolio of paintings, you’ll find it much easier to get started on fresh ideas and blank canvases. If you’re hitting a serious painter’s block, follow these three simple steps to get that gorgeous artwork underway.

Choose a Subject

The best artwork is original, right? Many a critic would debate this, but for certain, the worst artwork is that which never gets painted! If you’re suffering a serious creative block, find yourself a subject. It doesn’t matter whether you grab a personal item, a friend to pose, or go for the iconic fruit bowl, what matters is your brush is hitting that canvas, and the hardest stroke is the first!

Create a Composition

Creating a sketch or chalking the composition of your subject is the best way to help you visualize the final piece. Don’t get bogged down in the detail at this point, as you only need to know where your major lines are falling, and which sections will be in the foreground or background. Whether you’re painting a landscape, an object, or a person, starting with the rough outline of your main subject and its surroundings is the perfect way to get going.

Layer Your Detail

Once you have your composition in place, you can now visualise what your final piece could look like, but you have plenty of scope for change! Starting with the main blocks of colour, you can layer on additional details as you go, slowly allowing your rough composition to transform into a gorgeous final piece of art. Don’t forget not to stress if one detail isn’t coming out right – turn your attention to others and work your way back to it. When it comes to producing your first few paintings, slow and steady truly does win the race!

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