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How is painting good for your mental health?

There are many experts calling for a mental health crisis to be addressed as more and more people report feelings of depression and anxiety, something that may have been exacerbated by the isolation of COVID-19. Art Therapy is a practice that involves finding solace in the relaxing nature of drawing, colouring and even painting, and studies have shown that it may be a great way to reduce feelings of anxiety. Read on as we explain how painting could be used in order to tackle ongoing anxiety…

Calms the Nervous System

Painting is a calming and relaxing practice when it is approached without any expectations and this can be a great way to soothe feelings of anxiety. Essentially, the body enters a permanent state of ‘fight or flight’ when we feel anxious and this can lead to both physical and mental symptoms. When we paint, we need to fully commit ourselves to the activity which can help switch off the mind and calm the nervous system, encouraging the ‘fight or flight’ response to shut off for a brief moment of time.

A Form of Self-Expression

Those with anxiety may struggle to express themselves in the form of thoughts and feelings, or there may even be past events that they don’t want to discuss. Art in all its forms is an individual journey and painting is incredibly personal. You don’t need to be an award-winning artist to benefit from putting a paintbrush to canvas and this form of self-expression may provide a creative outlet for those with anxiety to express certain things that they are simply unable to say.

Improves Self-Awareness

A creative activity such as painting can open up a person to new aspects of their character that they weren’t previously aware of, and this can be hugely beneficial for those suffering with anxiety. After all, anxious people can often be consumed by their feelings and find it difficult to shut off, however the relaxing nature of painting makes it a lot easier to tune into your thoughts and feelings and perhaps understand why they are there.

Here at Paint Away Events, we believe that painting is a therapeutic practice. With this said, it’s important to note that we are by no means qualified therapists or medical professionals which is why we recognise that painting isn’t a miracle cure for anxiety. Instead, it is the simple practice of dipping one's paintbrush into the paint and allowing it to glide across the canvas that insights relaxation and allows painters of every skill level to detach from their emotional welfare for a brief moment. In fact, our Sip and Paint events are a quiet social occasion with background music for a fully immersive experience that will make your worries feel like they’re a million miles away! To find out more information, get in contact with a member of the Paint Away Events team today.

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