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Famous Spring Paintings Throughout History

The Spring Equinox is right around the corner, so this is the perfect time for us to show you some beautiful Spring-inspired paintings throughout history.

When does spring begin?

In the UK, the first day of Spring will astronomically fall on the Vernal Equinox which is 20th March 2023.

Why is Spring important in the influence of art?

Artists have correlated Spring with a sense of new life and the bloom of the new season. They also associate it with replacing the winter gloom with happiness and the end of hibernation for animals and flowers starting to regrow.

What are some famous spring paintings?

Now onto the main event, the paintings…

Here are some of our favourite Spring paintings:

Primavera by Sandro Botticelli 1482

Primavera is a large painting by Sandro Botticelli who was an Italian Renaissance painter. He created this masterpiece by using tempera paint which is a type of paint that can be reactivated when met with water which makes it semi-permanent.

This painting over the years has become one of the most talked about paintings in Western art.

The Primavera painting depicts the theme of love, marriage, and shows the birth of a new season, however, it has become a controversial painting due to its lack of data on the origin. The painting is called Primavera because it means spring in Italian.

Almond Blossoms by Van Gogh 1888-1890

Almond Blossoms is a beautiful Spring painting by the iconic Vincent Van Gogh from the years of 1888-1890. He completed the painting in Arles and Saint Rmy which are located in Southern France.

He gained inspiration for this piece of art in the South of France from the blossoming of the Spring trees. It was a known fact in the art community that flowering trees were special to Van Gogh and became one of his many inspirations for his work.

The painting depicts a beautiful spring blossoming tree created using Oil Paints. You can visit this painting in the Vincent Van Gogh Museum! For more information about our sip and paint events, or to enquire about our corporate paint events, visit our website today!

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