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A Few Unique Valentines Date Ideas

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

14th February, Valentine’s Day. Before you know it, the day of love and appreciation will be here once again. Planning a special and thoughtful celebration for you both to enjoy is one of the many ways your significant other will see how much you appreciate them.

Traditional things to do on Valentine's Day, like going for a romantic dinner in a fancy restaurant or enjoying a cosy night in with a movie marathon, are always great options. But after a few years, those ideas may not be fun for some people anymore. That’s where our short and yet exciting list comes in handy…

So, get creative this February 14th and take some inspiration from our Valentine's Day activity picks and make experiences your loved ones will cherish forever. Here is a list of exciting date ideas that will make this upcoming Valentine's Day absolutely the best one yet:

Book a concert together

Do you both have the same favourite band or genre of music? Why not book a concert or music festival together? Creating memories with your loved one and having the best time is definitely a great way to spend Valentine’s Day celebrations together.

Visit a local music shop or bookstore

Exploring local shops together, grabbing a cup of coffee in a local cafe and then enjoying the new books or music you bought. Spending quality time together while supporting small businesses? We love to hear it!

Sip and Paint Events

Our final choice of gift would be one of our Sip and Paint events! Something that is well-loved by our customers, these events are based in the following places:

· Manchester

· Liverpool

· Cheshire

· Buxton

Our Sip and Paint events are a fun way to spend some quality time with your loved one, or your Valentine, while getting creative.

We also offer at-home kits, so feel free to check out our website for those! To discover more about our Sip and Paint events, at-home kits, or office parties, then please don’t hesitate to browse our website or get in touch for some guidance today!

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