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Why Should You Attend A Sip and Paint Event?

Here at Paint Away Events, we love planning painting events for our customers to enjoy. We have lots of different events in several locations to choose from. We also hold corporate and private events if you’re looking to treat your staff, or you have a special occasion coming up!

Sip and paint events offer a range of benefits for yourself or your team! These are just a few of the many reasons you should consider booking a sip and paint event:

Fully Inclusive

A Sip and Paint event will involve all of the participants so whether or not they're more on the shy side they can still participate in a comfortable atmosphere.

All Levels of Skill Welcome

Great for anyone at any artistic level! From young to old, painting on canvas is a relaxing and healthy activity.

Take Home Your Artwork

Creates memories as attendees get to take their own piece of art home to remember the event.

Gain a New Hobby

It’s the perfect way to learn a new hobby. Painting is a beneficial hobby to have as it’s relaxing and can help soothe the mind, body, and soul.

Boost Your Creativity

Let your creativity flow. It can be such a rewarding feeling when you have completed your very own piece of art, not only that but you can experience it with your family, colleagues, and friends so you all get to share this experience together.

Improve Your Mental Health

Making, displaying, and enjoying art helps brighten your mindset and can help to build a positive atmosphere, and makes the world that bit brighter.

Encourage Teamwork and Cooperation

Teamwork. You can exchange help and guidance with the people you’re sharing this event with to reduce stress, share more ideas, and to form a closer bond. This step is great to consider for staff events!

No Stress, No Hassle!

Easy to book. We have made it simple to book to ensure there’s relaxation throughout the whole process. All of the equipment is included in your ticket so there is no need to rush about to find all of the materials.

Our Sip and Paint events take place in:

• Manchester

• Bury

• Liverpool

• Cheshire

• Buxton

Interested in attending a sip and paint event in Manchester? Get in touch today for more information!

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