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Why Beginners Shouldn’t be Afraid of Picking Up a Paintbrush

There are certain pastimes that people avoid for fear of ridicule if they don’t get things correct right off the bat. From dancing and singing to picking up a paintbrush, there is no reason why beginners should be afraid to try out a new skill and see where the experience takes them. Here at Paint Away Events, we believe that painting is a therapeutic practice that can aid mindfulness and encourage relaxation, so you don’t have to be a Monet or Van Gogh to find the thrill in a canvas! Here are three reasons why beginners shouldn’t be afraid to pick up a paintbrush and try their hand at painting…

Everybody is creative in their own right

We are all individuals which means that there is no right or wrong way to approach art. As such, the way that you interpret a painting may differ from the way that your friend does, and this doesn’t necessarily come down to talent and experience. Novice painters can be just as creative as those who have been painting for years - the secret is figuring out how to unleash it! It can be daunting putting paintbrush to canvas for the very first time, but it’s amazing what can happen once you get comfortable with the unknown.

Painting is a relaxing and therapeutic experience

Some people like to meditate whereas others prefer a quiet walk in nature. If you’re experiencing a lot of stress in your life then you may be looking for a unique way to relax and picking up a paintbrush could be the answer. The focus that is required as part and parcel of the painting experience can allow you to detach from the pressures of life for a little while, and there is no need to be an award-winning artist to reap these benefits. In fact, we’d even go so far to say that painting can be therapeutic when you embrace the flow of the paintbrush.

There are many different ways to paint

There are many artistic techniques that are learned overtime, however a lot of beginners overwhelm themselves with technical jargon rather than simply picking up a paintbrush. Remember, painting can be done in many different ways and it is important not to compare yourself to others. From abstract painting to painting-by-numbers, painting can even be a social occasion to share with friends and family who are beginners just like you!

Painting is often a hobby that can be experienced in many ways and nobody expects a beginner to showcase innate talent. A painting party is a unique social event that introduces all-levels of painters to the world of painting in a fun, atmospheric environment, so whether you’re looking for a new pastime to do with friends, a crazy hen-night activity or a team building exercises for colleagues, our Sip and Paint events may just be what you’re after! Check out our upcoming events to find out more information today!

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