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What Painting Can Teach You About Yourself

Everybody knows that painting is a creative process that requires a lot of concentration from the get-go and this often means that people see it as a way to escape from everyday pressures. Focussing on the way that the paint meets with the canvas leaves little room for anxious thoughts and worries to make themselves at home. Painting is also a learning experience and both beginners and seasoned pro’s may find that they learn a thing or two about themselves during their painting journey.

How to be creative

Taking the plunge into a new hobby can be daunting, however opting for an artform can be a personal learning experience as painting is entirely open to interpretation. This means that throughout the process you’ll learn how to unleash your creative side and transform a blank canvas into a work of art. In fact, this could even transfer into your work as you may find that you are able to express yourself creatively a lot easier outside of your hobby too.

How to relax and be present

It may be tempting to give over to frustration when you’re just starting out on your painting journey, but taking the time to understand how paint moves on the canvas and being present for the experience is an understated benefit. Plus, when you focus on your art you may even find that it induces relaxation! After all, painting is known as a form of art therapy which means that it is often used in order to ease the symptoms of conditions like anxiety and OCD.

How to express yourself

Nobody is born a great artist as the skills take time to develop. Perhaps you may never perfect them and that’s perfectly okay too! The most important thing to remember is that art is a creative outlet for yourself and not the viewer so try not to be controlled by other people’s expectations when you start painting. This is the biggest mistake that any beginner can make as it will negatively affect their journey, but by taking a relaxed approach you’ll learn how to focus on yourself and your own experiences.

Don’t be discouraged from painting just because you’re a beginner! Here at Paint Away Events, we believe that everybody and anybody has the creative skills to transform a blank canvas into a work of art, and our tutor-led paint events take you through the process in simple, easy steps. To book yourself onto an upcoming sip and paint event and unleash your inner artist, get in contact with a member of the team today!

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