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What do you learn from painting?

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

The concept of painting can be intimidating for beginners as there are no rules in place that govern what you are supposed to do and painting most certainly doesn’t come with a plan either. Any experienced painter will tell you that the idea is to allow your imagination and creativity to guide your paintbrush across the canvas, however, this can only complicate things even further for novices which is something we definitely want to avoid! Here at Paint Away Events, we believe that painting is an inclusive activity. Read on as we go over 3 things that everybody can learn from it...


That tension in your shoulders can have a nasty effect on both your physical health and mental well-being, and work-place pressures can somehow cause us to forget what it feels like to relax. Painting is a type of art therapy which means that it has been deemed an effective way to treat both anxiety and depression by allowing your mind to completely focus on the task at hand. As such, all of the outside pressures from work, family, and relationships start to fade away and the body will enter a state of relaxation. In fact, a lot of painters actually zone out during the process all of their attention goes to the canvas and the paint.


When was the last time you picked up a colouring pencil? As adults, we’re often made to feel guilty about being creative because real-life responsibilities are supposed to take priority, however, there are several benefits to gain from being creative. Painting is an art that is entirely open to interpretation and this allows us to create whatever we want on the canvas using the paints and tools at hand. There is no need to understand every single technique as you’ll soon learn that unleashing your inner creativity again is the biggest lesson that painting can teach you.

A New Skill

A lot of people find painting difficult because it is such a complex art form, however, there is no reason why a beginner cannot take up this hobby and turn it into a new skill. Over time, you’ll be able to increase your knowledge of the subject and understanding of different painting concepts that can be combined with creativity to create your very own masterpieces. After all, we should never be afraid of trying something new just because it is unfamiliar to us. Putting paintbrush to canvas and making your first stroke can often be the hardest part which is why our paint events are designed with beginners in mind to ease any anxieties you may have! You’ll be taken through each step by an experienced host who will break down the process in simple and easy-to-understand sections - and at the very end, you can take home your masterpiece to put it on display!

To enquire about our events and start your painting journey, get in contact with a Paint Away Events team member today.

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