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What Can A Sip And Paint Event Do For You?

Sip and paint events are relatively new, so you could be forgiven for not having heard of them. A sip and paint event is a wonderful event of boozy artful fun! Combining a love of artwork and painting and a desire to get a little tipsy and socialise gives you one of our unique sip and paint events! Sip and paint events can offer some cool benefits and attending them regularly can help you in a variety of ways. Check out these benefits below!

Improve Your Painting Skills

The first and foremost benefit of attending these regular painting events is – you guessed it – improving your painting and art skills! If painting classes are a bit too boring for you and you prefer having a laugh while you practice, a sip and paint even can give you the perfect opportunity to improve on your painting skills, gain a better eye for art, and have some fun while you’re at it!

Make Friends and Socialise

The next obvious benefit to attending social painting events is building connections, making friends, and socialising. These events are wonderful for meeting new people and making friends, especially when you add in a little booze to loosen everybody up! Not to mention that having a room full of people all painting the same subject helps get everybody talking and comparing their artwork.

Decorate Your Home With Your Creations

For a benefit you can truly take home with you, consider the incredible array of homemade artwork you’ll have to decorate your walls with at home once you’ve been attending a sip and paint event for a few months! You’ll end every session with a canvas of your very own to take home and display proudly! You’ll also be able to compare your creations with the others in your group and, while you develop your skills, you’ll be able to see your progress in the artwork you display in your home! What better way to celebrate your growing painting skills than to see your progression displayed clearly for the world to see?

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