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Using The Four Gift Rule at Christmas

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

Looking for thoughtful gift ideas for a close friend or family member? This four gift rule could be the answer. At Paint Away, we love any opportunity to give the gift of a special memory.

Gift-giving at birthdays and Christmas can be tricky, and many of us fear giving an incorrect gift. This rule has gone viral on social media because its simple approach to gift buying helps many to narrow down their ideas. In this article, we are going to share this genius gift giving rule and some ideas to go with it!

What is the four gift rule?

By sticking to this simple four point system, you can always identify a wonderful gift for your loved one:

1. Something they need

2. Something they want

3. Something to read

4. Something to wear

Need- something that is necessary like new bedding, stationery, or a mug.

Want- this is something that you definitely know they want and do not already have! Whether this is an item of jewellery, perfume, or something that the recipient has requested.

Read- for all you bookworms out there, this is the perfect chance to get your family and friends hooked on your book recommendations.

Wear- you can never go wrong with a fresh pair of PJs or getting a t-shirt with their favourite musician on.

What are the benefits of this rule?

By sticking to the four gift rule, this gives you the chance to buy four things that they will love and that you know they will use. You can also use this rule even if you’re only looking to buy one gift, simply by using this system to identify the best type of gift to look for.

At Paint Away, we offer a variety of unique Sip and Paint events and At-Home Paint Away kits. This would make a lovely gift for someone who is looking for something they want.

We host events throughout the following locations:

· Manchester

· Cheshire

· Liverpool

· London

Giving the gift of an experience is great for making memories in the new year and it also allows the recipient to bring home their work of art.

We also host private and corporate events if you’re looking for a fun and memorable party to enjoy with staff, family, and friends. For more information about our Sip and Paint events, please visit our website or get in touch today.

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