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Unique Team-Building Exercises for Your Company

If you’re looking for a way to build bonds amongst your team while also improving communication and cooperation, then a team-building exercise may be what you need! Team-building activities can really help forge a strong team based on mutual understanding and strong communication. Different team-building activities can help with different types of skills, and each has its own pros and cons. Let’s take a look at a few unique team-building exercises you can book for your team:

An Escape Room

An escape room is an excellent way to promote communication, cooperation, and team problem-solving. Escape rooms first hit the UK back in 2012 and were a novelty for many, prompting a huge surge in popularity in the first few years. Now there are over 1500 escape rooms across the UK, with a wide variety of themes and challenges. Usually better for smaller teams of 6 or fewer people, book an escape room to get your team together solving riddles and puzzles to escape together!

An Adventure Weekend

An adventure weekend has been featured as a popular choice for company team-building in pop culture and US media for some decades, as the US territory contains endless mountain wilderness, perfect for these retreats! But team-building adventure trips are also available in the UK, especially across North England and Wales. Adventure retreats allow your team to learn effective coordination while also building survival skills and encouraging team bonding.

A Sip and Paint Event

Sip and paint events are of a slower pace, but are much more accessible than the other options. While an escape room will usually not be able to accommodate more than a few people, adventure retreats are also not accessible to many, either due to physical injury or disability preventing them from participating, or home and family commitments that prevent overnight trips. A sip and paint event is an event of relaxed team-building fun, where you’ll all paint your own version of the same subject, and everybody will have their own painting to bring home! A sip and paint event is the perfect way to boost creativity and help build strong bonds amongst your team.

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