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Introducing: Paint Away Events - By MADDIE HUDSON @ OBBY

We're welcoming Paint Away Events to the Obby community! Founded by Frida, their Manchester-based workshops allow everyone to enjoy the benefits of painting in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Based in Manchester, Paint Away Events was founded by Frida Hussain. An English teacher by day and artist/business owner in her spare time, she's also a mum to two girls both under two! It was her husband who inspired her to start Paint Away Events in April of 2020 after Frida found herself suffering from post-natal anxiety after the birth of their eldest daughter. Looking for an outlet, she took up painting and hasn't looked back since.

Painting allowed and still allows me to forget my woes, troubles and fears; it lets me temporarily leave everything to step into another realm. And above it all, I always come back refreshed, re-energised, and renewed! | (via Frida's Instagram)

Originally gearing her business towards fellow mum's and babies, she decided to open up her business to everyone. After taking a break during the height of the pandemic, she returned in April this year - has had over 40 events since then, and more than 500 people attending them!

The popularity of Paint Away Events is rooted in Frida's philosophy that art is for everyone, regardless of ability. Every paint party is hosted by the friendly artists from the Paint Away team, who will guide you through what to do step by step. Each canvas is also pre-drawn for you with whatever design you'll be painting, and all the equipment you need is provided, so you can focus on enjoying the party whilst honing your painting skills!

Paint Away hosts a variety of different classes, so whatever you're looking for there's something for everyone! We've included a selection of classes below for you to check out:

  • Feeling in the mood for a throwback? Paint Away's 90s RNB Paint Party is the perfect paint and sip party for you to enjoy with friends! Paint 90s queen herself, Beyoncé, whilst a DJ plays all of her top hits throughout the evening - and with a free Open Air Photobooth provided you'll have somewhere fun to remember the evening.

  • If you're looking to paint something more traditional, then you'll enjoy the Van Gogh-themed Sip & Paint class. Choose from either Starry Night or Sunflowers and create your masterpiece, with art-themed props available to wear during your class to help encourage you to get your creative 'hat' on!

  • Paint Away's Klimt's Golden Tears is perfect for those looking for a little bit of opulence in their evening! Hosted at the Benito Lounge in Chorlton, you'll get the chance to order food during your class, and you'll get to use 24k gold leaf paper on the famous 'golden tears' to get the full effect!

So, if you're looking for a creative event to enjoy in Manchester, then Paint Away Events could be exactly what you're looking for! So get your palettes and painting hats on and get ready to explore your creativity in a friendly and relaxed setting.

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