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Decorating Your Home with Art

Incorporating art into your home can bring you many benefits. Some are aesthetic benefits but also it makes your home a happier place to be in. At Paint Away, we are going to be giving you some tips on how to decorate your home with pieces of art. So, let’s get straight into it!

Experiment with colour and patterns

Art can be a bold accessory to transform any room into something wonderful. Experiment with different colours and patterns to add drama and a splash of creativity to your home. If your room aesthetic is mainly monochrome, why not add a pop of colour to create your own work of art?

Play around with arranging the art

There are lots of different ways to display art. You can hang pieces on the wall or carefully stand them against the wall. Another way to get creative is to play around with arranging pieces in different orientations like portrait and landscape. It’s completely down to you on how you want your piece of art to look in your home.

Blank spaces in the room

If you have stumbled upon a blank area in your home, why not add some art to liven it up? This is a great way to add some depth to the room and reflect your personality. You can add wall decals, murals, canvases, graphic art prints, collages, mirrors, and so much more.

Decorate the room inspired by your piece of art

To find your main focal point, you can go into the room and notice the direction you go in first and that is where we recommend placing your art. This could be on a shelf, a mantelpiece, or a blank space on the wall. Then you can work around that area by getting inspiration from the patterns and colours.

Some accessories that complement art are:

· Cushions

· Photo frames

· Aesthetic glass candle jars

· Lampshades

There are so many different things that will complement your art. You can also work with different textures and materials. This will add depth and effectiveness to the room.

Create your own art

If you’re looking for something truly unique and personalised, our Sip and Paint events might be the perfect solution. Our Sip and Paint events are a fun and relaxing way to unleash your inner artist.

We are based in Manchester, Liverpool, Cheshire, and Yorkshire. However, we also host private and corporate events for a bespoke and customised experience. If you are too far from our events, not to worry because we also offer Paint Away at-home kits!

This is the perfect way to completely customised your home and show off your creativity and true style.

For more information about our Paint Away Events, then please take a look at our website today.

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