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Corporate Team-Building Exercises For Halloween

Now that Halloween is just around the corner, the spooky season is truly upon us once again! Which brings with it the perfect opportunity for some fantastic team building exercises for you and your team. After Christmas, Halloween is the next best time to hold a team building event; take advantage of the chocolate, games, and costumes to bring out your teammates’ inner children and get them cooperating and communicating. There are plenty of different options for Halloween-themed team-building exercises, let’s take a look at just a few of them:


Paintballing is an engaging, exciting, and exhilarating activity for groups both small and large. But, it is important to note that paintballing can be physically demanding and require traversal of uneven terrain, so ensure this activity is fully inclusive for all of your teammates before booking. Paintballing in teams can help drive both competition and cooperation, and for a fun twist you could even have team-based Halloween costumes, like cops and robbers or iconic heroes and villains.

Costume Contest

If you’re looking to build some office comradery on a shoestring budget, you don’t have to spent it all on an activity! Hosting an event at your office can be just as effective. So use up your budget on ordering in some excellent catering and delicious refreshments, and host an in-office costume contest! To boost cooperation you could have teams designing costumes and appointing their model, or even have a knock-out tournament where those who get knocked out of the running can help the finalists improve their designs!

Sip and Paint Events

Sip and paint events make for fantastic corporate team-building exercises, especially around a major holiday. There are countless Halloween themed approached to art, and learning to paint in a fun, relaxed environment helps facilitate communication and ensures everybody is having a great time. Sip and paint events are fully inclusive, so you don’t need to worry about anybody being left out, and you can book to host your event at one of our venues, or we can come to your office! Sip and paint events for businesses offer a unique, engaging, and thoroughly fun time for you and all of your colleagues.

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